You’ve decided for Jesus but do you treasure him?

Posted by Matt Lane on December 31st, 2011 filed in Christian Living, Faith

There is no easy believism.

There is no say some magic words and you get God. You don’t walk down and aisle. You don’t raise your hand or stand up. These are all fire insurance solutions at best. False assurance at worst.

Yes we need to decide to love Jesus. And maybe you have decided. But it doesn’t stop there. If all you have done is decide you are for Jesus you might be missing the entire point.

Deciding and not treasuring has led many people to attempt to get their “get out of hell card” and then live a life that is pleasing only to themselves. They might have decided for Jesus at some point but they have never treasured Jesus. And deciding but not treasuring is like deciding to get married but then taking a European vacation for the next 5 years. The wedding never happens although you really did decide to get married. Only deciding for marriage and not treasuring marriage means you didn’t  show up at the wedding or later are refusing to work at the marriage. Deciding is merely the first step in the marriage direction. Conversely treasuring marriage is life changing. Treasuring marriage means you live life very differently.

Treasuring Jesus is life changing too. And it most definitely means you live life differently.

So on the last night of 2011, do you treasure Jesus or have you only decided for him?



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