Vain repetitions are good?

Posted by Matt Lane on November 14th, 2011 filed in Christian Living, Kids

Vain repetitions. Yes I know the traditional thought is that we are not supposed to. And there is that scripture verse. But I’m wondering if there is a place for repetition,  just not in the traditional sense.

You see, I repeat things all the time when I pray. A lot of things actually. Repetition seems to be pretty helpful for my brain and heart for me and my kids.

I repeat certain scriptures all the time to drill it in our heads. I repeat phrases to help them memorize things of God. I repeat things about Jesus so that we love saying his name worship him properly.

Is it vain repetitions? I don’t thinks so.

I think a lot about how to teach our kids well. They are always learning. Always. So I can always teach and instruct them the characteristics and love of God or I can just coast along hoping for the best.

My job 24/7 is to teach and instruct them. With prayer specifically I want to teach how to pray authentically as well as hammer home theology along with living godly lives.

And wouldn’t you know, I learn things right along side of them.


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