My big ask

Posted by Matt Lane on June 17th, 2011 filed in Christian Living, Poetry

Why God, oh why God does my heart ache so?

Why God do you not take away this pain?

You are the true and only God. The great I AM.

The earth is but a speck in your hand.

For how long God? For how long will my heart stream with grief?

LORD you can change hearts. You alone do that. Rock hearts are nothing for you.

Father please, melt hearts, crush the evil! Please father!

I ask that you make your Name great. SO great that there is no mistake.

Hot tears flow free. My vision blurs. For how long oh LORD?

My pillow is soaked. My face a wreck. The pain is too much!

Father help me! The waves overwhelm me! I’m drowning God. Please.


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