Grace costs so don’t cheapen it

Posted by Matt Lane on April 9th, 2011 filed in Christian Living

You see, giving grace is not free. It is not cheap. It is VERY costly. Let me repeat: Giving grace to people costs something. And it is not pain free. It can hurt so much your body aches.

And so, to keep expecting grace is a form of abuse.

You might say that someone doesn’t have to give grace. And some people might also say that they will just live with the fallout. With no grace. But they really don’t meant that.

The problem with that is that this world doesn’t work that way. Human relationships don’t work that way. I don’t work that way. This world is cruel and abusive for sure. But imagine a world where people refused to give grace. Refused to give love and healing that is not just unwarranted but free and abundant. And it is given with the full knowledge that it will get trampled on time and again.

What people really mean is that that want more grace. For free. Even if it is hurts you. And if they know you well enough, they expect it. And that is just cruel.

If you routinely hurt people you love (intentional or unintentionally) and are unrepentent and then say to yourself you are willing to live with the situation with or without grace, you are an abuser. You cheapen their grace and you trample on them. Stop it. It’s a real form of emotional abuse and the cost for them is high.

I need grace and I need to give grace and so do you. But cheap grace really isn’t grace. So don’t cheapen it.

If you have abused God’s grace or a loved one’s grace, repent and ask for forgiveness. And then humbly ask for real grace, knowing that it is very, very costly.

And as it turns out, grace actually is free.


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