My Dream Daily Quiet Time Bible

Posted by Matt Lane on June 2nd, 2008 filed in Bible, IBS

Any one who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of doing manuscript studies (mss) using the Inductive Bible Study Method (ibs).   Mss with a group of friends is an incredible community event, you should try it.  It turns out that not only do I teach the method at every chance, I use ibs/mss for my personal quite time.  It is not a just preferred method or just something different to do.  For me,  it is a deep, personal conviction of how to study the Bible.

So the problem (that seems too harsh but…) with doing mss is that you end up with lots of paper all over or a ton of binders full of paper.  Either way, it is not very elegant.  Loose paper is messy and doesn’t stand up to time.

Now Crossway does have several journaling Bibles out and while they are good, they are not exactly what I would like.   The format is just not very conducive to marking up the text in the intense, mss way.Col Mss Example

I am very much looking forward to the new ESV Study Bible coming out in October but again it’s not what I want for a quiet time Bible.  It will be a companion to my dream ibs/mss Bible.  And believe me, I will be getting one as soon as they come out.  The incredible amount of content in one volume will make it a spectacular study tool.  Check out the format.

So what would I like?  I’m glad you asked.  Some of this comes from the ESV Study Bible.  Other items come from various articles I have read and some of it is just from doing mss a lot. In the end, the format would look much like this but with footnotes on each page instead of all at the end.

Here is my list in no particular order:

  • Translation would of course be ESV ( it’s my fav!)
  • Wide margins
  • At least 20pt line spacing
  • Smyth sewn (The BookFactory has a great explanation)
  • Printed on high-opacity, high-quality French Bible paper from Papeteries Du Luman (PDL)
  • Typesetting— 11-point, single-column format
  • Goatskin or calfskin leather bound
  • Multiple ribbon markers
  • No chapter or paragraph breaks (breaks only at beginning/end of books)
  • No references but retain the footnotes
  • Black lettering
  • No subheadings
  • Verse, chapter and footnote notations in superscript font

Colossians MSS

Now I’m not suggesting that this would all fit in one single compact Bible.  I would be okay with it being a six volume set or whatever the right number is.  Maybe do an Old/New Testament split.  Or split the Old Testament up in a few separate volumes, same with the new testament.  Whatever.  If done right, they will look great on my shelf, they will be a life-long resource for me and they will be a gift to my kids later in life.

So Crossway, PLEASE!?!?!!!!??????


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