Admitting you made a mistake is hard

Posted by Matt Lane on January 22nd, 2011 filed in Christian Living

Nobody likes it. It’s not something anyone that I know of really wants to do. And too many people will go to great lengths to avoid saying they made a mistake. I just want to tell those people to get real.

I mean everyone makes mistakes. Yes that means you. How open you are about your mistakes has a lot to do with how much character you have.

So truthfully, I have tried to not admit some mistakes. For some reason some are easier to admit than others. But I’ve done it. I’ve tried to hide things when they make me look bad or when I have forgotten to do something. Yep I’m one of those guys. Sometimes I lack character.

On the other hand, my normal mode is to own the things I do. To take my lumps and learn from them. At least I like to think that is my normal mode.

For some people though, they can hardly say the words “I made a mistake’. This is different than saying “I’m sorry” which is a whole other long, long blog post.

I can look people in the eye and know they made mistakes and yet they will say all kinds of things to avoid admitting that they screwed up. That they lacked judgment. That they made really bad choices. Why is it so hard?

Admitting you made a mistake means you admit that you are not perfect and that you should have heeded some advice. Maybe you should have not been lazy. Maybe you should have made different choices. Maybe your sin took you to a place you did not expect. Maybe you made a chatastrophic mistake. Maybe it was life altering. Or maybe it was small.

But for sure any time we make mistakes means we need grace from others and amazing grace from God. For God, that has been done. For us to give out grace, well that seems to be tough. Kinda like admitting mistakes.


2 Responses to “Admitting you made a mistake is hard”

  1. Jeff Selph Says:

    I find being a pastor helps. There is never a shortage of people that want to help me admit that I’ve made a mistake. That annoys me, so I try to beat people to the punch. It totally deflates them.

  2. Matt Lane Says:

    I can only imagine. I’m guessing that they are not quite as excited about you telling them about their mistakes.

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