Genie Jesus

Posted by Matt Lane on January 29th, 2011 filed in Bible Reading, Christian Living

I was reading  in Mark recently and was astounded at what James and John said to Jesus:  Mark 10:35

Wow. Really? As in give me three wishes? Like Jesus came to make much of them above all? Wow.

Now Jesus gave them some rope here and well, they totally hung themselves:
Mark 10:36-38

Yikes. It sounds like the whole conversation was pretty incredulous. Now contrast that with the next story a few verses down. Jesus passes by a blind beggar who seemed to know exactly who Jesus was: Mark 10:47

Jesus asks him: Mark 10:51

The beggar asked that his blindness be healed. Jesus’ response? Mark 10:52

The differences between verses 38 and 52 are startling. The biggest difference seems to be in the attitude of the asking.

The first half of this chapter forces us to think about how people come to Jesus. The second half gives us two more ways. Clearly the genie Jesus attitude is not the way.

But I wonder, isn’t that how we pray? God give me health, give me safety, give me importance, give me a good time, give me good grades, give me a better job, give me a better house, gimme, gimme, gimme?  We would never admit it, but genie Jesus is what we really want. Why? Because like James and John, we are just simple, selfish, self-loving people. And wanting genie Jesus will not do anything for us in eternity. Only the righteous, perfect, slain and resurrected Jesus. But to love that Jesus we have to give up. Not make requests to a genie Jesus.


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