God pursues but will you listen?

Posted by Matt Lane on December 23rd, 2010 filed in Bible, Christian Living, christmas, god

I want to say right from the beginning that truly knowing Jesus is worth it. And receiving God’s grace is a gift is off the charts incredible.

Here is what I mean.

Jesus is real. He really was born on the earth, he really did live on the earth, and he really was murdered on a cross. God sent him here to do all that.  But he didn’t send him so we could be healthy, wealthy and wise.

People have tried to discredit Jesus over the years but have only proven they are intellectually dishonest. The undeniable prove we have that Jesus was a real person is overwhelming. Now some choose to dispute that he was also God. But as C.S. Lewis said, Jesus is God, a madman, or something worse. You have to choose. What I want to argue for is that Jesus is God.

This world is broke. If you haven’t figured that out yet we have other problems. I’m not a doomsday, pessimistic person so I will be the first to say there are evidences of God’s common grace all around us. Sure you might not attribute those to God. But regardless, those evidences are there.

Everyone also would agree that there is good and evil in the world. But good compared to what? If you take that to the ultimate end, good compared to something perfect. Or somebody perfect. Which we all know can’t be human because I don’t care who you are, perfection you are not.

So a perfect Jesus who is the God. That’s who we measure good and evil against. The background is that God created this world perfect. He created man perfect. But man in our circle of dumb decided to wreck the perfectness and bring stupid in the world. The ugly word for that is sin.

The gulf between the perfection of God and the now sinful man is wider than you think. There are not good and bad people in this world compared to Jesus. There are just bad people. All of us. And God being perfect is also just. So justice has to be fulfilled before a perfect God. Because of the gulf there is no way we can pay the penalty and fulfill the need for justice. How can we? Anything we do no matter how much could not compare even in the slightest to the perfection of God. So we need to be rescued. The penalty for sin needed to be paid for.

And that my friends, is where the good news of Jesus comes in. It’s why we celebrate Christmas. Why if you are a Christian, Christmas is so spectacular because while getting and receive gifts is swell, the fact that our God did not leave us on the other side of an immeasurable gulf to fend for ourselves is mind blowing.

God planned it way back then. To rescue us that is. And being a perfect God he kept his promise to us and provided a Way for us. He will also one day fix the mess we have made of everything else and all those who have been saved by his Rescue will live with Jesus forever.

God has been whispering to us about the Rescue for hundreds and thousands of years. Yet most people think that if they just try hard, everything will work out. The gulf is just too big though.

But maybe for you, this Christmas will be different, maybe this Christmas the whisper is getting really loud and it is time you listened.


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