Don’t blame God for your lack of faith

Posted by Matt Lane on December 9th, 2010 filed in Christian Living, god

If you are having a hard time with your faith you should be questioning your obedience. Chances are you out of alignment somewhere (idea taken from Cost of Discipleship). The truth is you can’t “try” God nor can you search one day for God and expect him to reveal the meaning of life to you. It just doesn’t usually work that way.

I know a bunch of people who want to have faith but don’t want to have obedience to God.  But having faith means obedience too. It means starting a journey of giving every area of your life to him.

Some think that they can go to a worship gathering (can we stop saying go to church!?!) and try to listen with all their might but God is silent. The expectation is that he is some genie in a bottle that then doesn’t come out on demand. All the while knowing that if they don’t have this grand experience they will go back to living their lives as they want.

If this is you, quite trying to manipulate God into giving you faith. Stop trying to trick him into giving you something you don’t really want. Above all, don’t blame God for your lack of faith. If you are all in, then say that to him and then act like it. Start the journey with obedience.

It’s all in or nothing. Putting your faith in Jesus is not like sitting in a chair and if it is not comfortable you try another. It’s more like a trip to Mars. Once you decide, there is no coming back. I guess you can close your eyes and pretend but it’s too late. Once you are Jesus’, it’s a done deal. No turning back.

All in. Remember, we all live forever. Either with Jesus now and forever or without him now and forever. I’m all in. My journey is up and down, sometimes hard, sometimes harder. But I’m in.

Are you all in?


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