IBS Rocked My Word Part 2

Posted by Matt Lane on March 28th, 2008 filed in Bible, IBS

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So what specifically changed within me? Well it is difficult to describe but it was like a thick veil had been lifted from my eyes. I was now seeing the scriptures like I had never seen them before. I had “new eyes” for reading the Bible and it would never be the same. Sure I had read and studied the Bible for years but now it was FUN! Imagine that! And I couldn’t get enough of it. At points in that year, I was attending 5 Inductive Bible studies a week. It was like I had been starved all my Christian life and finally was being fed. Yet in reflection, I’m not sure that I knew I was starving because I only knew what I knew. It was a year of Bible saturation for sure.

What was so special about the Inductive Method? Well since learning the Inductive Method, my time in the Bible has been consistently transformational. Was it before? Somewhat. But not consistently. The Inductive Method gave me a systematic toolset to study the Bible and now I am confident in what I am doing.

Now I freely admit that this is not some great new discovery. It’s not like I discovered something ground breaking that no one has ever done or experienced before. But for me it was like being re-birthed.

For me, the process has been very much like Neo in the Matrix. Now I may lose some of you with this example if you are not a Matrix fan but hear me out. The character Morpheus gave Neo two choices: Take the blue pill and you go back to your life and because you only know what you know, you won’t have a clue that there is anything else out there. You get to go home and take a nap. End of story. Take the red pill though, and your life changes. You find out some of the things that you held to all your life are not true. You find out that the things you have been taught are not necessarily 100% correct and that things have been left out and worse, things have been made up to fit someone’s stereotype. Take the red pill and you wake up. You wake up to find out there is so much more that God wants for your life. That’s how it was for me. Like I finally woke up. Sorta like this video.

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Now were there other things happening in my life that added to my experience with IBS? Sure God used a few things that year to get my attention. But the foundation to it all was great Bible studies and transforming experiences with the scriptures.

What about you? How has your time been with the Bible? Are you being transformed into the image of Christ? Or are you just filling up with knowledge? You too can experience a re-birthing with the Inductive Method. Give it a try.

If you would like to learn more about the Inductive Method, check out Thirstytree.org which is a non-profit project that I am involved in. There you will find the method explained and also podcasts of Bible studies that you can listen to and experience the Bible in a whole new way.

God bless you as you dig for the deepr things in his Word.


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