The Bible doesn’t start nor end with you

Posted by Matt Lane on October 29th, 2010 filed in Bible, Bible Reading, Christian Living

No matter where you read in the Bible, don’t make the mistake that the primary focus is on you.

Here is what I mean.

The first chapter in the Bible starts with God creating. The last book of the Bible is about God restoring all things right. The middle parts are filled with how God works, how he pursues people who have rejected him, and how he paid a very high price to restore all things.

This is the metanarrative; what God did, who he is, what he is doing now and what he will do. If it was anything else we would be in trouble.

So if you read the Bible, and you should,  don’t start reading with you in mind. And don’t end that way either.

Instead, remember the metanarrative. And then remember Easter. No not the crazy bunnies and junk. Remember that Jesus who was fully God and fully man died in your place and in mine and then rose again and now reigns as our Lord and Savior.

If you read the Bible and just walk away with a neat story, you have missed the point. If you read the Bible and come away with a nice list of things to do or not do, you have missed the point. Sure there are great stories and there are lists. But stories we internalize and then we often place ourselves inappropriately in them. With lists we do insane things with and either work really hard to measure up or feel really guilty that we are not good enough.  All with the focus on us.

But Jesus is the hero of the Bible. He is in every story and in every list. Read the Bible with Jesus in mind and it radically changes you. And me.


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