Divorce and kids

Posted by Matt Lane on June 13th, 2010 filed in Blurbs, family

So it should come be no big shock to people that know me that I think children need two parents to grow up healthy. God made Adam, then Eve and that pattern of a man and a wife is upheld a lot in the Bible.

Well reality happens and given that people are sinful by nature, parents get divorced. People of all circles, of all backgrounds, rich people, poor people. I’m not saying it is good or that it should happen, just that it does.

Inevitably, the kids involved get stuck. Sometimes the parents get told by the judge what to do and they are stuck too. It gets messy quick like. Many times there are no good answers and especially no happy answers.

But given all that, I want to point out something quite ridiculous: who in their right mind thought up the current custody guidelines? Let’s see, to help kids have a stable life, lets toss them between households on the weekends, or every other weekend, and also every other holiday. Oh  yeah, and 9 weeks in the summer too. Switch back and forth. Fair to everyone that way.

Huh???  What quack came up with that? Again, I recognize that people land in the current setup and have no choice. My own background is a testament of some of that. But still, why does anyone think that is a good idea?

I wonder, if you took puppies and did that ping pong thing what the outcome would be? Yes many would be okay and live good decent lives. And just like kids, many would also be very scarred for their entire lives.

Call me crazy, but it seems very, very ridiculous.


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