I got a new Bible….

Posted by Matt Lane on March 9th, 2008 filed in Bible

I have been looking forward to the new ESV Personal Size Reference Bibles for a couple of months now.  I was looking forward to them for several reasons but my fear was that this size would be too small.  I had been carrying my Scofield ESV to church and events but it is just so big and bulky.  Try carrying a diaper bag, a two year old, Sunday school papers from your 5 and 3 year old kids and then a big ‘ole black Bible!  It is just painful. 

So anyway, when I saw these new Reference Bibles on the ESV Bible page, I got excited!  They have a single column, paragraph format which I think God will one day tell us is the inspired format.  :o)  The every verse on a separate line format invites people to do crazy things with verses..but, that is for another post.  This is a reference Bible so I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to see the hundreds of reference indicators but after looking at the sample format, I fell in love with it. Here are the specs straight from gncpb.org:

Personal Size Reference Bibles

  • 7.4-point type
  • 5,900-entry concordance
  • Words of Christ in black
  • Size: 5″ x 7.25″
  • Over 80,000 cross-references on the inside margin
  • Single-column, paragraph format
  • Introductions to each book
  • Not thumb-indexed
  • This black TruTone is the one I got though I coudn’t wait to get it from Amazon so I stopped at Baker Books.  I have heard that the all leather one is sewn-bound but I didn’t really care for the traditional leather look it has.  The TruTone is extermely soft feeling with just a hint of rubberiness to it.  For me, it is the perfect match between features and size.  While the text is small, it works for me.  It does not have a lot of space for note taking but I’m not one to write things in my Bible these days anyway.  This is a Bible that I can take anywhere and not feel like I have a brick in my hand.  Together with the aforementioned preferred page layout, it is a real winner for me! 


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