The comfiness of this Christian life

Posted by Matt Lane on February 24th, 2010 filed in Christian Living

I wonder if Jesus really meant for us to…

…have a big house in the suburbs

…have so much food that we are unhealthy and overweight

…have so much “stuff” that we can’t find room for it

or have we distorted the word “blessings”? Is the current standard of living among many of us Christians pleasing and acceptable to God?

I’m just wondering when we as Christians have big houses that are painted to perfection, have big LCD panels hanging from our walls, a boat, a cottage, laptops, shelves and shelves of food, overflowing dressers, two cars and a house  for them (aka garage), a Xbox, a Wii, and a PS3 to entertain us, cable  and satellites to watch mind numbing TV and DVR’s so we don’t miss any TV – I’m just wondering, are we actually believing in the prosperity Gospel to some degree?


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