IBS Rocked My World

Posted by Matt Lane on March 28th, 2008 filed in Bible, IBS

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Inductive Bible Study Method.  Ever heard of it?  Before the year 2006, I hadn’t.  I changed jobs that February and the first day at my new position I found out there was a Bible study held there on campus.  The guy who was training me was actually the one who led the study.  I was very interested and so I got him to invite me.  That Thursday of my first week on the job, I attended my first Inductive Bible study.  Actually it was my first Bible study ever.  Anywhere.

Now I was raised in a Christian home and if you have read some of my other posts, you know it was a strict Baptist upbringing.  I had been going to church 4 times a week for most of my life but I had never ever attended a formal Bible study in my life.

So on that Thursday I attended that first study and they were in Colossians.  ColoredPencils Green, blue, red, yellow, purple…all the colors of the rainbow were there.  Pencils that is.  Colored pencils.   I was told to grab some pencils to mark up the “manuscript“.   Colossians MSSColossians MSSColossians MSS As I said, in my previous 30 years of existence, I had never been to a Bible study before much less one with people from different denominations.  I wasn’t really sure I was comfortable with that idea but I went anyway.  I really had no idea what to expect but I wanted to be there and was willing to take a chance that I wouldn’t like it.  I mean, how bad could it really be?  I had done other things that stretched my traditional Baptist thinking so why not?

That first Bible study session was on Colossians and though I don’t remember which chapter we studied, I remember walking away thinking that I liked it though I was not 100% comfortable with it yet

I remember sitting there in the small room that first Thursday looking around the room and, having more than a little arrogance, I was sure I knew more about the Bible than most.  But at the same time as I sat there I was feeling unsure of myself and tried to just take it all in.  There were guys from different denominations there and while that didn’t freak me out, it was strange for me.  Can you study the Bible with people outside of your denomination?  I had never done it.  As I looked down at my manuscript, I couldn’t help but take a peak at others to see what they were doing.  What exactly was this all about?

I went back the next week and then every week after that.  I was hooked.

That day set off a chain of events in my life that I will never forget.  The Inductive Method of studying the Bible has changed my life.  I can’t say that I was changed that first Thursday.  I can’t say that I changed that month.  I do know that I liked it enough to introduce it to some other guys at my church that summer and more that fall.  I didn’t really know what I was doing except that God had given me a red hot passion to study the scriptures and I wanted to experience studying with as many people as possible.


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