Occasion to Weep

Posted by Matt Lane on August 5th, 2009 filed in Blurbs, Christian Living, family

Pronunciation: \wēp\Function: verb
1 : to express deep sorrow for usually by shedding tears
2 : to pour forth (tears) from the eyes

Okay so it’s not very manly to admit that you weep nor is it usually good for an ego. Many guys will go to great lengths to hide any tears in order to avoid being seen as soft or “in touch with their feminine side”. True many have not really had an occasion so tough in life that weeping was needed or wanted. And let’s be honest, guys if you weep over your TV going out or your lawn mower not starting, you might very well be a sissy. Ladies, if you weep because of a bad hair cut or a broken nail that “just started growing out”, you will be called emotional and touchy.

For me, I have had some occasions in my life that have warranted weeping. It’s not something you really set out to do though. You don’t get up one day say to yourself, “today I think I will weep”. If you do, you might have other problems. It does however sneak up on you and overtake you. You might get a moment’s notice or zero notice. But make no mistake, you will know when it comes. It will consume you for a time and leave you drained. Sometimes you might feel better afterwards, most times you will be left with a knot in your stomach.

It has been one of those years for me so far. How about you, have you had an occasion to weep?


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