The Decisions You Make

Posted by Matt Lane on June 27th, 2009 filed in Christian Living, Poetry

As He was pulled closer to the inevitable
He asked that it be taken away to avoid the pain
Yet it wasn’t to be, it was coming.
As it came closer to Her, she ran towards it;
She embraced it and asked for it to come.
He was wondering, what is going on?

Talking, praying, emotional outcries
All seemed to ebb and flow together,
Nothing made a lot of sense, no clear direction came.
He asked and asked but it did not come
She jumped in wholeheartedly, with both feet.

He sought and searched, fought and talked.
Sleep was hard, living was harder, the inevitable was coming.
What was the way to go?
Where was the clear direction?
He pleaded with God but it was not coming.

She hung out, stayed out, gave out
With those who would not look after her soul.
Some did say, you’re moving too fast
But She said, who are you to tell me that.
He was wondering, what is going on?

It was more than a few days and weeks in the making.
Seeking advice months in advance was his way.
The pressure on his soul was building and He knew.
The choices became few, He felt caught, but knew.
Which way to go? How do you make hard life choices?

She was hurt deeply and profoundly.
Determined that it would not happen again
She went in a different direction,
She went down a different path
Where she could live life like the rest.

It finally came to Him. It was clear.
The talking was over, the pressure was gone.
The hurt would heal because God was clear.
It would not be understood by many
Yet by those by whom He had sought council from
They were filled with love, grace, and mercy.

She committed to this new path and was proud.
Council was not sought or wanted but rather shunned.
Pursuit of herself was clear, the future seemed bright.
Pride swelled, devastation loomed,
The hunt of her was on.

She was outwardly confident and sure.
He agonized, prayed, talked and fought.
But she would not, could not listen.
It would mean giving up, turning over
Control, to which She fought for and sought for.

God was so clear before, yet his pain with her
Continued, prolonged, and was steadfast.
How long would it last? What would be the scars?

He sought and searched, fought and talked.
Sleep was hard, living was harder, his joy
Was in danger and needed pursuing.
God said “I am here, have joy in me.”

Love, grace and mercy he knew
She needed yet it was not always
What came first, second, or third,
Though he prayed and sought.

His love never waivers, his pursuit of her is strong.
His prayers are fervent and continuous;
Thoughts swarm around him at all times.
He will not give up or shut up
Until it is clear, that God is finished.
Until then, he pleads for favor for Her
Like favor was shown Him.


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