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Posted by Matt Lane on January 7th, 2008 filed in Bible, Blurbs

A few times a year I take the kids out and we hand out New Testaments. The ESV New Testaments are great for handing out.

I love these New Testaments becuase they are only 50 cents and they are very well done. They have a great plan of salvation in them as well as reading plans and the usual “where do you find this topic” list. We give these out instead of tracts whenever possible.

I took Brayden and Taylor out tonight and because Melissa gets three subscriptions to the Grand Rapids Press, we have plenty of those plastic bags to put the Bibles in. We don’t knock on doors but simple put them on the front porches.

I take the kids for a few reasons: If we do see people, the kids can give the Bibles to them and will never get turned down. Second, the kids really like doing it and it is a way that they can share Jesus’ love towards others. Third, I want to instill habits in my kids that have kingdom value and that are not focusing on them.

I also include a letter that has a message for the time of the year. It might be a Christmas, New Years, or Easter message. Basically anything that will tie in the current holiday to reading the Bible. In the letter is usually our name and address along with a way to contact us for more questions.

What’s the return on this investment? Well for one, I want to be purposeful about investing in the lives of my neighbors. If they know that our family is concerned for them, I think that is a good thing. Do I think that all the New Testaments get read? No of course not. But that is not going to stop me from investing in their lives because Jesus commands us to and it brings glory to God. And besides, it really is FUN!

Oh and by the way, we got totaly wet during the downpour tonight! Guess I should look at the weather a little better…


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    Outreach New Testament Story…

    The blogger at Making a Splash writes about handing out ESV Outreach New Testaments:
    I love these New Testaments because they are only 50 cents and they are very well done. They have a great plan of salvation in them as well as reading plans and the us…

  2. kathy Says:


    I was wondering if you needed any help in the Kalamazoo, Mi area. My chidren and I would love to do what you are doing. I was handed a little bible when I was in High School and knew nothing of God but knew that that Bible was special. I knew God was trying to reach me then…..he finally got me! I cherished that little bible and would like to help others have that same gift that I received back then.


  3. Reugginaiva Says:

    where did you read this?

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