Lovers of Money (part 1)

Posted by Matt Lane on December 28th, 2007 filed in Blurbs

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  1. Lovers of Money (part 1)
  2. All about the Benjamins (part 2)

I am going to do a multi-post series on how I use my resources and how I observe Jesus taught on money and using resources.  Melissa and I have been on a quest to reduce our monthly overhead by taking small steps in many areas of our budget.  We haven’t done anything extraordinary or really anything all that original but really just an honest assessment of how we are using our money and how we would like to use our money.  Over the past couple of years God has really been working me over in this area and left me with that as a Christian, I should be using my money totally different than a non-believer.  The problem is, I have been sucked into too much of the gotta have it now, gotta have it my way mentality.  Some questions that I am going to answer with this series:

  1. If I had zero debt and little overhead, what things would I choose to use my resources to benefit?
  2. If I used my resources more efficiently, how would that impact my spirituality?
  3. If I used my resources more for Jesus, how would that make a difference to my wife and kids?
  4. If I lived like I was using God’s money, what would that look like?

So if you are interested, take a journey with me and leave some comments if you like.  I’ll detail out some very specific things that we have done to save tons of cash and how you can too.  If there are some good suggestions left along the way by others, I’ll post them for everyone to see.


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