Existing to wait

Posted by Matt Lane on November 13th, 2017 filed in Christian Living, Jordan Refugees

The Iraqi Christians living in Jordan are incredibly strong people. They have suffered unspeakably horrors and many have fled from more than one place. Today they wait to be let into a country that will allow them to thrive. Until then, often they are existing to wait. Wait for the one call that will ultimately change their lives forever. Wait for the next contact from someone that will provide a critical need. Wait for someone from somewhere to deliver hope to them. One family we visited today has been waiting for 3 years! 3 long years waiting for the call. Waiting to start their lives again. Waiting to be in a place where their children can go to school and have a future. Waiting for a chance to once again provide for their families in the way God has equipped them. Waiting for their tiredness to end.

Most Iraqi families are trying hard to thrive in the midst. We ate lunch with a family today and it clearly was a joy for them to show hospitality. The father is a chef and took great pride in making an Iraqi meal for us. They were all so appreciative of us coming to visit them so that they know SOMEONE cares. That SOMEONE will see that they exist. Do you get that? They were blessed by us coming to THEM. Unbelievable. They were such a gift to us and the joy they had in the midst was absolutely inspiring.

I honestly have no place in my brain for the hardships these people have gone through and continue to go through. All they want is to be in a place where they can work and live peaceably.

It’s really not much different than what anyone desires but for them and for now, they exist to wait.


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