Less than refugees

Posted by Matt Lane on November 11th, 2017 filed in Church

I spent the day visiting with 5 Iraqi families. We were honored to hear their stories and listen to what they’ve been through. Every story is unique and every story is a punch in the gut emotionally. These families have next to nothing. They cannot work although they would in a second if given permission but the government won’t let them. Most live off of the charitable gifts of others. They can’t go back home to Iraq because it’s too dangerous from either ISIS or other ethic fighting. They are here in Jordan with walking around papers only. They are all applying to be refugees and often that takes years! Really unbelievable situation. They are refugees but legally they are not. Schools are hardly available to the kids and hope of being accepted to another country is slim. It’s pretty a bleak situation.

These Christian Iraqis are in a extremely difficult position. No one wants them. EVERYONE we talked to today was a skilled laborer. Yet if they get caught working it’s 1000’s of dollars in fines for them and the person who hired them. They can’t drive and have no cars. In Iraq, many were middle class, some even upper class. Now because of nothing they have done, they sit in a tiny apartment with no heat and are prisoners of circumstance.

It was such a gift to see these families! One house we visited had a bunch of young girls there. The smiles they had and the laughter they gave us was priceless. In their situation they still found a way to cheer us up! They were just so full of life. Don’t get me wrong, there was a range of emotions but there was genuine laughter and it was pure gold.

We left every house with two large bags of groceries and the kids with a bunch of toys. It’s not much but they for sure need all the help they can get.

I’m totally wrecked and it’s only the first day.


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