Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Sanctity of Human Life Day

Posted by Matt Lane on January 27th, 2017 filed in Christian Living

We recently celebrated MLK day and Sanctity of Human Life Day and although they were not on the same weekend this year, they often are. While this is not the first post connecting these two days, both days push for much reflection, thought, and then action.

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for rights of the oppressed and marginalized. For those that were treated unfairly and often not even seen as humans. His fight is most well know to be for the black community who were treated horribly at the time and not afforded their God given rights. If he was still alive today he would still be fighting it seems. But it’s not a stretch to say that MLK was fighting for the unborn. The unborn are treated horribly and not afforded their God given rights. The unborn are oppressed and marginalized. They are not seen as humans. if MLK was still alive today, perhaps he would be fighting for the unborn too.

Abortion is murder. There is no other way to describe it. As Christians we cannot turn a blind eye to any group of people that are being oppressed, marginalized or in this case, slaughtered. Instead, we are to move into the issue with truth and grace. Jesus’ earthly ministry is our example for this. From healing the sick to raising the dead to associating with those of all different social rankings, Jesus was so often focused on those who were marginalized and treated as second class. To move into difficult things is hard but holy and as Christians we are called to this.

Sure stopping abortion is crucial. But stopping people from wanting to get abortions is even better. The farther up stream we can get the better. So for sure we need to stop abortions. But what about the mothers who feel like they have no hope? What does a young teenage girl do when she cannot get help at home or anywhere else? Why do women feel trapped with no other option? Why do they feel as if there is no other way?

According to the 2010 census data, the US population is over 70% white and under 13% black but the abortion rate is 39% white and 28% black according to one report. In other reports the percentage of black abortions is even higher. Either way, there is a significant amount of total abortions happening in the black community. This should cause us to pause and wonder what is going on. It should make our hearts ache that the one people group MLK fought so hard for continues to be treated as non human in the womb. It should make us all weep for the loss of all those children.

Yes there is a large percentage of women from minority groups that get abortions but don’t think for a moment that white girls from “good Christian homes” are not frequenting abortion clinics too because they are. This should also make us pause and cry out to a holy God that tells us to look after the widow and orphan.

So to bring this to a close, let’s be unapologetically against abortion. But let’s also be for the marginalized women who feel that they have no other option. Let’s make space for the messiness of young pregnant teens of all people groups and show them Christ’s love instead of condemnation. Let’s show them that God, through his son Jesus, will give them another way. A way that is life giving and offers hope in the midst of chaos.


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