A weekend to pause and LISTEN

Posted by Matt Lane on July 24th, 2015 filed in Christian Living, Faith, Small Groups

Guys don’t often take enough time to listen. Sometimes not at all. And we certainly don’t normally take a weekend to put a pause on things to just soak in scripture, pray fervently and LISTEN.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to do just that with 9 other guys up at North Manitou Island. I can hardly put into words how good it was to lock arm and arm with guys and cry out to God for his mercy and grace. God’s Spirit was evident and it was such a powerful experience.

Amongst other things, it was evident to me that we as guys, as Christians, we need biblical community. We are desperate for it. Often we don’t know we need it or it is just a idea that we are told we need. But this weekend we actually experienced biblical community where we shared, cried, and prayed for each other. Where we laid hands on one another and sought after God’s heart. And he showered down his favor on us.

I feel strongly that God has created us to be in community with other Christians. Much of the New Testament is written towards how we are to take care of one another. That really is impossible if we hermit and try to do things solo. My faith is strengthened in community as others pour into me and I pour into others. One element that is powerful in biblical community is sharing your faith story. And sharing it several times helps you to remember how good God has been to you. Sharing your story is super encouraging to others too because seeing God work in others is like a shot of adrenaline.

This past weekend was a mountain top experience for sure and I get that it’s not going to be an every day thing. Yet, there are elements that can be everyday for all of us because this journey God has us on is best done with others. In biblical community as I struggle, others pick me up and petition to God on my behalf. As others struggle, I pick them up and petition to God on their behalf. We really don’t have to be lone rangers. As guys we are told to man up and make something of ourselves. Honestly, that is a perfect way to be a great navel gazer, be hooked on porn but otherwise be a nice moral person. God calls us to be so much more!

Being a disciple of Jesus doesn’t mean we’ll ever be perfect. But it does mean our lives are marked with humility, repentance, love and generosity. And those marks are not to make ourselves look better but to give every ounce of glory to our incredible Father.

When is the last time you paused life long enough so you could listen to God?



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