Summer bodies are made in the winter

Posted by Matt Lane on March 11th, 2015 filed in Exercise

Have you seen the billboards up and down the highway? “Summer bodies are made in the winter“. No this is not an advertisement for a gym nor is it for a fitness supplement. It’s for a plastic surgery place in downtown Grand Rapids.

These signs irritate me for a few reason but mostly because they are feeding our lazy, gotta have it now culture. Not do hard work and get rewarded. Instead, let me pay someone else to do the work and I get the benefit. Unbelievable.

The billboard is ridiculous and laughable at best. Manipulative at worse. You cannot get healthy through plastic surgery, the wrap thing, taking pills or any number of gimmicky things out there.There is no silver bullet to getting healthy.

Wait that’s not really true.

The silver bullet is to eat right and get active. Yes I mean take responsibility for yourself. That might not be a popular answer but it’s the one answer that works 100% of the time (not counting true medical issues of course).

So yes let’s do some cutting. Yes let’s do some building up. But let’s not be so narcissistic about the whole thing and be content with what God has given us and work hard to take care of ourselves.


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