Yesterday’s arrogance doesn’t negate today’s humility

Posted by Matt Lane on November 30th, 2014 filed in Christian Living

It’s funny. If I think back over the years I can come up with so many examples of my arrogance. Okay maybe not so funny. I’ve been young, dumb, arrogant and on more than one occasion, my character has not kept up with my talents. I’m not sure what people have always thought but I hope they saw those examples for what there were. Certainly the opposite of what Peter talks about in 1 Peter 5.

If I dwell on any one specific example long enough, it’s enough to make me want to turn and hide. No really. I’d love to have some of those moments back. Not to correct what I was saying necessarily but maybe to say nothing at all. But in life, there are not any do-overs. We can’t un-say things nor can we un-do things.

So if that bucket of dumb is big enough (and it is), what are we to do? It could seem like we should just pay our penance for as long as possible. Maybe become a Christian monk if there is such a thing. But I don’t think that is at all what Jesus would want us to do. I’m guessing that Peter wanted to crawl in a hole and die after swearing and denying Jesus right before Jesus was brutally murdered. Yet just a few weeks later Peter is found preaching to thousands. That is the example to follow. Check out Luke 24:12. I can just imagine what Peter was thinking. He was going to get a chance to declare his love publicly for his Messiah.  The ultimate second chance. Not a do-over, but clearly a second chance.

So, I think it is very fitting that Peter talks about humility. I’m sure he struggled with his character too. He also let his talent out run his character. God’s answer is to humble yourself before him by casting all of your concerns on him. He really cares. His steadfast loves endures forever!


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