Shut it down and say amen

Posted by Matt Lane on November 21st, 2014 filed in Christian Living, Small Groups

Ever have that moment when you are praying publicly and the wheels fall off and you should have just said amen?

That happened to me this past Wednesday. Our small group meets every Wednesday night and before we eat I pray. Well this week I had a slight mix up of words and said “thanks for giving us a warm place to pee” . I think I was going for a “warm place to be”.  Not really sure to be honest.

Well you have to understand our group but suffice to say that I should have just said amen and ended it. The laughing by all the kids and adults should have been my clue. But no, I tried to recover and just pushed forward. Like a bad train wreck that you can’t stop watching. That was me.

It went pretty much how you think it would go.

Sometimes, you just need to know when to shut it down and say amen.


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