Christians and Politics

Posted by Matt Lane on August 1st, 2013 filed in Christian Living, Faith, Politics

Increasingly over the years I have shied away from sharing political stances and participating in most things political. Now among my close friends, it’s no secret as to where I land on things. But in the larger context, I’m not out there publicly advocating for people and particular legislation. I’m not saying that being involved in politics as a Christian is bad. Quite the contrary, we should have a great influence on how our government is run and be very concerned with how our country is fairing. What I probably differ on is the how we should have that influence.

As a blood bought disciple of Jesus, I want to be known for only a few things. And the way I understand it, my primary function as a disciple of Jesus is to make more disciples of Jesus. That means investing in my family. In my small group. In my neighbors. In my local church body. In the global church body. I am primarily a child of God’s kingdom and secondarily a citizen of the US.

Now I don’t take lightly that I live in the US and that many, MANY have fought and given their lives for our country. But as Christians, our primary love is to be disciple makers of God’s kingdom.

Of course we can be disciple makers as we serve in the military, while being a judge or politician or in most any occupation. And we should be. And there is nothing wrong at excelling at those things and being recognized for our God given talents.

With all of that in mind though, it doesn’t mean I’m going to put a political sign out front in my yard (though I used to). And I’m not going to walk with a politician in a parade and I’ll probably mostly steer clear of using social media to advocate for and advance political messages. I do care about what happens in my city, state and country, but I’m probably not going to spend a lot of time on the latest political issue in the media (local or national). I am going to vote. I am going to invest in people and I will stand firm on biblical moral issues.

As many things are, politics are simply too far downstream for me. Sure I would love to have Christians govern me at all levels. Yes I would love for God’s ways to be followed by the people of the land. But I think that the best way for those things to happen, is to make more disciples of Jesus. Because truthfully, those that govern us are a reflection of us and well, this country needs more genuine disciples of Jesus.


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